Chief executives

  • Dick Slootweg
  • Thiery Legat
  • Bohumil Volf

  • Pawel Swiechowicz
  • Ramunas Makutenas
  • Daniele Scuola

  • Markus Erhart
  • Grant Cox

Reaching over 10 countries across Europe, Bidcorp businesses comprise leading foodservice distributors of prestigious brands. Supplying premium brands across a wide range of product lines, and a significant presence of own brand manufacturing and distribution, Bidcorp in Europe is the leading foodservice distributor to the Horeca sector. Bidcorp has a world-class service offering and a diverse product range that meets the needs of its vast customer base. Its innovations in product and menu development, allows Bidcorp to live up to its reputation of delivering smart solutions from a responsive foodservice partner, thereby creating opportunities to add value for both customer and supplier.



Comprises of leading foodservice and beverage distributors in Europe of prestigious brands in Belgium, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Baltics, Germany, Spain, and Italy.

The various Bidcorp European companies are leading foodservice and beverage distributors of prestigious brands for the HoReCa sector.

Bidfood Netherlands - Dick Slootweg (Chief Executive)

Foodservice Netherlands

Bidfood Belgium – Thierry Legat (Chief Executive)

Foodservice Belgium

Baltics – Ramunas Makutenas (Chief Executive)


Czech & Slovakia – Bohumil Volf (Chief Executive)

  •  Bidfood Czech
  • Muj Bidfood
  • Bidfood Slovakia


Bidfood Iberia – Grant Cox

  • Guzman Gastronomia
  • Cuttings
  • Bidfood Spain
  • Frustock


Italy – Daniele Scuola (Chief Executive)

Gruppo DAC

Poland – Pawel Swiechowicz (Chief Executive)

Bidfood Farutex

Germany – Markus Erhart (Chief Executive)

  • Foodservice Germany